About Castor Construction

In 1965, Ken Castor founded Castor Construction, a residential and commercial contracting company. In 1983, Dennis Castor, Ken's son and our current CEO (ret), restructured the company, building it into a multi-million dollar commerical construction firm.  Now into the new Millenium current leadership has been with the company since the 80's and 90's, continuing to grow and evolve with today's ever changing and technology driven construction industry.  Current company leaders are constantly updating education, skill-sets, and technology to continue to stay ahead of the curve, while at the same time providing the customer service established 50 years ago by the Castor Family.   Castor Construction has been routinely undertaking and completing projects ranging in scope from minor remodeling to large-scale complete construction. Some of these projects include complete interior buildouts, new buildings, and overall site development and completion. The tradition the Castor family established in 1965 of fine craftsmanship, professionally executed projects, jobs completed on time, as well as a continuing list of satisfied customers continues to be our focus.  Business has never been gained from advertising or high profile signage, but on simple outstanding customer service, and quality construction.  Our business growth has always been from repeat clients, and referals from the same clients.  Many of our clients have been trusting us since the 80's and 90's, and some even earlier.
Dennis Castor, Current CEO (ret)
Jimmy Johnson, President

Jimmy, has operated in nearly every capacity in the company from his beginnings with the company in 1986, after serving in the US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment.  His experience in the field, business operations, and the US Army Rangers, has provided him with the outstanding expertise to lead the company into the next phase of growth and success.

Aaron Keyton, EVP / Project Executive

Aaron serves as the contractual and operations lead, as well as all new business development for Castor Construction, overseeing the administrative and business aspects of the company.  He has been with the company since the 90's, returning after college (b.s.) / military (USN), and again returning after a tour in Afghanistan.

Serving the Miami Valley Area

Castor Construction has successfully completed scores of projects for local business owners, developers, senior care facilities, churches, and area universities. These jobs have all been completed with the professionalism and care that Castor brings to every job we undertake.
couple with a construction worker

A History of Satisfied Customers

Castor Construction is pleased that most of our customers become repeat customers. All of our continually growing business comes from clients, architects, and engineer referrals, never from advertising. Our history of repeat customers is a clear indication of the commitment Castor Construction has to overall customer satisfaction. Quality assurance is our way of operation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call Castor Construction today at 937-862-9515 to begin your next project.
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